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has been elected.

So apparently there have been many indications, from preceding my election, that significant number or percentage of psychologists were breaking away from the narrow or constricted view of what or who is an acceptable psychologist, to represent or to personify their professional association.

And my personal belief, obviously, not unbiased, and certainly reflecting a very high degree of self-serving ego-involvement, is that it's good. It's good that psychologists are becoming less bound by their defenses.

Now, what happened after I was elected?

Frankly, I didn't know what the hell to do. I didn't know what the president of the American Psychological Association did. And I said, “Now, what do you guys want me to do?”

You're automatically a member of the board. Well, I'd spent a year or so filling out somebody's term on the board of directors, about ten years before, I think when I was president of SPISSI.


What -- was that appointive or elective?


That was elected by SPISSI. All right. But I didn't pay very much attention to that period. I went to most of the meetings, I think. But you have to understand: I've never been an organizational person. I've never been someone who joined things, like lodges or fraternities or things of that sort. I'm kind of restless in meetings. And I literally didn't pay very much attention to what was going on, on the board of directors of the

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