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other human beings, and the functional manifestation of superior intelligence is the evidence that the individual of superior intelligence is using his allegedly superior intelligence as a social trust. He's demonstrating his superiority by his -- by the fact that he is incapable of not being concerned. I mean, not that starry-eyed -- but, you know when I made that point, at that symposium, it was as if I were speaking a different language. It was as if -- you know, they had to respect me because I was a past president of the APA, and I -- they knew I'd been involved in Brown, and all that. But it was clear to me that to/the majority of that audience, and certainly the other panelists, that I was from some other world. I mean,-- David Wechsler was in the audience, by the way, and he's one of the -- you know, he's made a fortune out of the Bellview-Wechsler Intelligence Test, and it's certainly one of the most widely used tests of intelligence.

But I was saying to my friend,: “Wechsler, look -- the next revision of your test should have a significant number of items that test social sensitivity.”

It's not going to happen. Certainly it's not going to happen in my lifetime. But it's a major flaw, a major gap, and our society is suffering from this fragmented view of human intelligence, and I think, not only our society, but I think --

I'll just end by saying to you that I, personally, believe deep down that the greatest danger to the human species, at this period of human history, the beginning of the nuclear age,

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