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there's a curious consistency in the recollections of those he has interviewed about this meeting, that there seems to be nothing that contradicts -- including the copious notes that he took when Bobby Kennedy told him about the meeting.

He insisted I should write about it. There are so damn many things I should write about.


Anything additional about Jack?


Jack Kennedy, I never knew. Or never met. I just told him that I was never a Kennedy fan. I mean, I sort of resisted up to the very end being a member of the Kennedy Fan Club.

And again, a reflection of seeing the irremediable perversity of -- I always tend to stand back and look at things that seem to be “fashionable”, you know. It isn't anything to boast about, necessarily. I have always felt, from the very beginning, up to the present, I guess, that there was a curiously uncritical emotional component of the Kennedy adoration.


You made this reference to writing books again. You mentioned in the last interview that you had something more to say about your association with Gunnar Myrdal. When did you even become aware of a Gunnar Myrdal?


When I was a graduate student at Columbia. And Otto Kleinberg -- who, by the way, has played an interesting role in various parts of my life-- Otto was in conversations with Gunnar, in the early stages of that project, and it was Otto who told me

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