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poster would be enlarged, and would be in all the hospitals, would be made available to members for a dollar, and would also be enlarged and be placed on every subway platform in New York City, announcing Bread and Rose's beginning. That was the proposal, and I got 7500 dollars to do it, from the Humanities -- outreach. So the question came up, “Who should do the poster?” I was talking to -- I had his name earlier, and I can't remember now. He's the dean of the evening session of the Parson's School of Design. His name will come to me. I went to see him and I said -- he came out of the left, I remember. “Who should we get?” He said, “Go for the best.” I said, “Who's the best?” He said, “The best for this is Paul Davis.” I said, “How do I get to Paul Davis?” He says, “I don't know. He must be in the phone book -- call him up.”

That weekend we went out to Hampton Bays to my in-laws. We went on Sunday to Alden and Joan Whitman, and I would be telling them what I'm doing. I say to Alden, “Alden” -- because I know Paul Davis lives in Sag Harbor. The Whitmans later lived full time in Southampton -- they left their jobs at the Times. “Do you know Paul Davis?” He says, “Sure I know Paul Davis. Last Thursday night I was at a lawn party. I was on a blanket with Paul Davis and Jackie Kennedy.” So I said, “How can I reach him?” He said, “I'll give you his number.” I said, “Can I use your name?” “Sure!” So that weekend I call Paul Davis and I say, “My name is Moe Foner. Alden Whitman suggested I call you. I'm with a project called Bread and Roses and I wonder if I could come and speak to you about it.” This is a Saturday afternoon. He says, “Where are you? Can you come by tomorrow morning?” I said, “Yes.”

So this is early in the game. By this stage of the game I have Bread and Roses in like three typewritten pages that I've typed up. I come out, I meet Pauland, his wife Myrna, and he says, “What do you have in mind?” I describe Bread and Roses and I said, “I'd like to have you do the poster.” I said, “But we don't have the money for it. I just wondered if you would be agreeable to do it.” He says, “Do you have anything in writing about it?” “Sure!” I take out my thing. I told him what we were doing. He says, “Okay,” he says, “Why don't you leave this with me and give me a ring during the week.” Myrna, his wife, is a very lovely person, very capable person. I call during the week, and I got Myrna. I said, “Myrna, this is Moe Foner.” She said, “Oh! How are you?” “I'm fine.” How am I! “Paul's not in now but I tell you, Paul is really interested. Call him again later.” So I call Paul later. He says, “Are you coming out again?” I said, “Yes. I'll be out next week.” He says, “Come on over -- we'll talk some more.”

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