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tell them to hold it. I'm going to go down.” He goes down and he calls me from the printer. Says, “I saw the poster. I like it. I'll buy it.” He says, “I'll come up. I'll talk to you.” He comes up, he says, “How many are you running?” I says, “I need for myself 2500.” He says, “I'll take 10,000 at the overrun cost.” He says, “I know what that cost is for you. The cost is sixty cents. I'll give you sixty cents for ten thousand posters.” “It's a deal.” “You can't do anything. You know you're printing, there's nothing else you can do.” So I say, “How about Paul's royalty?” “Oh, I take care of his royalty. As I sell them, he gets his royalty.” I said, “No, no. His royalty is fifteen cents, up front. Seventy- five cents includes fifteen cents for his royalty, up front.” “Okay.”

Then I had such a hassle to get payment from him. I was threatening with everything. But finally, I got the check. I called Paul, and I said, “Paul I'm coming out this weekend, and I have something for you.” I come out. He says, “What have you got?” “I have a check for you,” and I give him a check for I think like 2500 bucks. He says, “Where is this from?” I said, “It's from Jack Renner.” He says, “What!” Myrna says, “Paul, get him to represent you.” [laughter]

So I say to Paul, “Paul, I need a poster for the Labor Day Street Fair. I can't ask you. What should I do?” He says, “Go to Milton Glaser.” I say, “How can I go to Milton Glaser?” He says, “Don't worry, Milton knows who you are. Call Milton and you tell him that that's what you want.” I call Milton Glaser and the same thing happens. He says, “What do you want? Paul told me.”



The name of the person in the festivals who gave us 7500, who got up and said, “The black man” is A. B. Spellman. The person who suggested I contact Paul Davis was Sam Magdoff.

The reason why this background thing is important -- and I left out some things and I'm going to include, go back -- is that, it's just difficult to explain. There was so much precise planning for this project that it's very difficult to even get an idea of it. It was planned with such precision, so that when we were ready to move we moved like an army. So that all of these details are details that assisted in getting us into a position where we could go. At the same time wherever we were meeting with people we were winning allies, we were winning boosters, who said, “This is our baby. We want to be part of this.” That was the thing. “I want to be part of Bread and Roses.” Later with Belafonte -- “I want to be part of Bread and Roses.” From all walks of life, people wanted to be a part.

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