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This was happening also with the membership. I was reporting every month at the delegate assembly on the progress of Bread and Roses. Members would listen. For example we included in to the tape, we wanted to show how the union includes theater programming at the same time that it's doing things. So at a delegate assembly this was in the planning process. We had a joint delegate assembly meeting. It was outside the union, and there must have been like 800 people there. We got Chester Washington, a black man, who had come in from the coast. I had heard about him -- Paul Robeson, Jr. told me about him. So I invited him to come to sing, and we got Odetta to sing. They were videotaping, and Davis was talking about -- after they performed -- that this is a union that believes in Bread and Roses, and we'll fight.” These things, and members were speaking at the planning meetings. Members were talking and were being interviewed, the task force was being interviewed. So when this black and white ten minute video was ready, it was shown to the members. It was a, you know, it was a warm and moving kind of thing. It was strictly rank and file. We had a Hispanic committee meeting and discussing it in Spanish. All of these things were very very important. I was working the outside and the inside at the same time. So that when you see when it starts moving, you're going to see a very very big deal move in to action.


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