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where they could see me and where would be the next public appearance where they could see me. And my staff... we never hide these things. “Tomorrow [Which would be Friday] he will be at the YMCA at 7th Avenue.” And so I knew that they would come.

Well, there are 15, 20 people in the room sitting on chairs around a table waiting for me to get to them separately, and in walks these two guys. You can tell them right away, because one of their techniques is to take pictures. One of them is always a photographer. God knows whether he has any film in the camera or not. It's to intimidate you -- taking pictures all the time. And as soon as they walk in, I know who they are and I say, “Stop taking those pictures. You cannot take pictures of my constituents. You can take pictures of me but not of my constituents. Take that goddamn camera off your neck and put it on the table or get the hell out.” This always takes them a little bit by storm, the direct confrontation. So okay, they take their camera off their neck and put it on the table and they sit down like the other people waiting.

Finally comes their turn and one of them takes out a petition that was rolled up like a Chinese scroll, puts it on the table. He says, “Sign.” I said, “Can I read it?” (laughs) So I start to read it and it's filled with idiocies: we've got to pay $50 billion reparations to this group and $40 billion reparations to that group. It's the silliest kind of program.

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