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Okay. They are philosophically to the left of Chairman Mao. In any event as I'm reading this, I say, “I'll take this home, I'll read it, I'll study it.” “No, you're going to sign it now,” and they begin to yell. I say, “Okay, get the cops somebody. I want a cop.” (laughs) And at that point, one of the constituents who's waiting, who must have been about seven foot tall, looked like Frankenstein's monster -- I mean he was Boris Karloff incarnate --, gets up ... even with the plodding type of movements ..., walks over and puts a hand the size of a plate on the shoulder of one of these guys and says, “Congressman, I'll take care of him.” (laughs) So I say, “No, no, no, leave him alone. The cops are coming. Not you. Sit down. I appreciate it, but don't get involved.” Sort of like treating some huge giant with half a brain. “Sit down.” And he sits down.

The security officer from the “Y” comes in, ushers these two National Labor Caucus people out of the room.

Comes the turn of Boris Karloff and he says to me: “Congressman, I need your help. I've been wrongfully accused of assault.” (laughs) It was just one of those very cute little incidents.

All right. That's it about the National Labor Caucus. There's one more story I had in mind. It will come to me.


About how many votes do they represent in your Congressional district?

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