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Now, in a sense Morgenthau was sandbagged into coming into this thing, because he had no option. I called him up and said, “Listen, Bob, I have something that's very confidential involving corruption. I want you to meet these people”-- I think he probably already knew the names: certainly Burnham and Serpico and he knew Durk I'm sure -- “I'd like you to hear them and see if there's a way where you can be helpful.” So there's no way that he can't come to my apartment when I tell him that, but I'm sure he didn't like the call, because you already are implicated if you don't do something being given the information. Then you have a real problem at a later time.

So he came here, and they spilled their guts, so to speak. There wasn't any question but that there was enormous corruption. Everybody knew that, but they had the details. And he said that he would undertake to do something.

Now, I can't remember whether Morgenthau was actually named a third mayor or not or was simply nominated, because shortly after that he left city hall I can't remember what happened as to why he was not ultimately the third deputy mayor but he either held that job a very brief time or never really held it. In any event, he never did anything.

When he ran for DA, one of the things that he worried about was that Kuh would attack him for having failed to do anything in the area of police corruption, having been alerted by Durk and Serpico. And one of the things that we

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