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heard was that Durk, who is an unusual guy and who will turn on anybody... I mean he has a conspiratorial, sort of pathological personality - a very important guy, a very able guy, a very necessary guy, a very brave guy. But you can't trust him. He will destroy you if he can if you don't do what he wants you to do. Fortunately he and I have always had a very good relationship, and he's never felt compelled to try to destroy me. I wouldn't doubt for a minute that if he could, he would when we got into a disagreement. Any time I talk with him on the phone, and I talk with him reasonably often during the year, I'm always talking to him on the basis that he's taping my conversation, and everybody does that, and he probably is -- so it's no stilted conversation, it's monosyllabic. Now, he would get very upset if he knew that I was saying this about him, but you ask anybody who has that relationship with Durk and they'll tell you that.

Durk called me two days ago to tell me two things: one, he appreciated my helping him to get a job with the United Nations. He's on the shit list of the police department here for a number of reasons, and he had a problem in getting cooperation by the city to put him on temporary assignment to the UN, and I helped in that area. I pushed the mayor; I spoke with Codd; and Frank McLaughlin is my friend and was my campaign manager and now is the deputy police commissioner in charge of public relations and I spoke with him. And they ultimately gave the okay even though they don't like him -- they

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