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So Serpico ultimately went to Switzerland, and his first appearance back in the United States came as a result of being brought back by Ramsey Clark, who I consider to be an eccentric -- he lives in my district and is running for the Senate again, God help us and the Democratic party. In any event, he brought back Serpico to make his nominating speech with Herbert X. Blyden who was one of the convicts at Attica. The two of them made the nominating speech for Ramsey Clark up at Niagara at the Democratic convention -- just so stupid. I really haven't kept in touch with Serpico. I have kept in touch with Durk.

But getting back to the hospital, when I went to see Serpico at the hospital, Serpico was near death but out of danger but now it's clear he is going to live. The bullet fortunately did not enter his brain, but he was perilously close to having been killed, and it did extensive damage. It injured his hearing, and that's why he retired on a pension as an injured police officer.

Well we say “hello” and in the room was his mother, and his mother is an elderly Italian lady, and Frank says to his mother: “This is Congressman Koch.” We say “hello” and I say, “You have a wonderful son, Mrs. Serpico -- a very brave man.” And she nods. And then she says, “Congressman...” “Yes.” “The taxes... too high.” (laughs) Her son is dying. That's when I knew he was going to live.


Now to come back again to Morgenthau and his district attorney race, You have mentioned in a previous interview the reaction to

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