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the appointment of Kuh as DA, and I believe you recorded the statement that that was a good way to guarantee a Democratic primary, and I think that's about as far as you took it.


Okay. What happened was that I was initially called by Scoppetta, Nick Scoppetta, who is the commissioner of investigations -- was such under Lindsay and retained by Beame. It happens that he and I are good friends, and our friendship came about because...



What happened was that Scoppetta was a close friend of my former law partner, Allen Schwartz. In fact, Allen got him his job in the Hogan office as assistant district attorney, and what is interesting by way of background: Scoppetta and Kuh became very close friends in that office for a long period of time until Scoppetta ultimately recognized what a screwed-up guy Kuh is, and then they didn't have their close friendship.

Now, Scoppetta called and said that the governor was considering two names and that he, Scoppetta, had been recommended by Whitney North Seymour, Jr., who was pressing him for his nomination, and that it would be helpful if the governor was made aware of my position on the matter, assuming, as Nick knew, that I would be for him, and that one of the considerations was whether or not there would be a primary. And the governor would like to avoid one. This is what Scoppetta had said.

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