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I don't know if I told you my story about Kennedy -- the letter that I sent to him?


I don't think you told that one.


All right. This is Ted Kennedy, not Rob. Now, Ted Kennedy feels very warm and close to me because I helped his brother, Bob Kennedy, and he has on one occasion said to a member of my staff, who's a skier, Monica Blum, who is now working for Nick Scoppetta, when she was up in Vermont skiing and she got into a cab and there was Ted Kennedy, and she introduced herself and said that she was working for me, and he said to her, as I recall it: “Oh, yes, I know Ed Koch. He was a very good friend of my brother.” Now, that isn't totally true, that I was a very good friend. I certainly wasn't a social friend, but I was a very good supporter of his brother.

But he Ted Kennedy demonstrated his feelings vis-a-vis me by endorsing me in my several races where I asked him to, and on one occasion coming up to New York when he was not going to get involved in fund-raising and providing his being there for three people. He helped three people raise money -- Hugh Carey (that would be the Irish tie), Lowenstein (and that would be God knows what, but Lowenstein was always very close to the Kennedys; I never understood why they tolerated him), and me. The three of us were the only

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