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they never sent in their money and we were furious. I mean here's the controller of the city of New York and not sending in his $300 for the literature. Who does he think he is?

Well, we have a second chance at this because we don't get paid for the literature, but on election day we have a palm card, and we call up again, and we say, “We're printing the palm card, and the $300 includes both the literature and the palm card,” which is something you give to the voters on the day of the election, telling where people are on the machine. I speak with his campaign manager. First I have one of my campaigners call up saying, “Congressman Koch wants you to know that unless we get the $300, Controller Levitt's name will not appear on the palm card.” And the guy gets furious, as campaign managers do -- Vreeland, something like that. A few minutes later the phone rings and it's Vreeland, and he wants to speak to Congressman Koch. He gets on and says, “Congressman, I just got a call -- I know it's not someone speaking for you -- that unless we provide $300 that you're not going to put Arthur's name on the palm card.” I said, “No, that's exactly what I told him to say but exactly and unless we get it either in cash or by certified check today, you're not going on.” Well, he is astounded he says “We are going to hold a press conference. What is this -- a holdup?” I said, “Please let me know when you're having the press conference -- I'll be there.” (laughs) I said, But if we don't get the check, I'm going to tell you what we're going to do. When we get to Controller, we'll put this line in: ‘Guess who,’ and then we're putting in every other

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