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eight other Congressmen -- Bella was one of them; Liz Holtzman was another, Ben Rosenthal. What we did was to create a mood nation-wide, and Paul O'Dwyer was the head of that. Okay.

Subsequently -- I think it would be two St. Patrick Day events ago, whatever that would have been, probably ‘73 -- I get a letter from a guy who was sort of the head of the Irish group in this country. The letter says, “We would like you to denounce the British government for keeping the Price sisters in Britain and forcefeeding them and treating them horribly. We want you to urge that they be taken to Northern Ireland.” You know, one of those letters.

So at that point I had already decided that this group if probably more militant than I really want to be involved with, and I don't really know what the situation is with the Price sisters. So I write a letter, as I now do almost customarily, in a similar situation to some federal agency that might have some facts, and so I write to the State Department, and I say, “I've received a request concerning the Price sisters to protest their maltreatment and urge their removal to Northern Ireland jails instead of being kept in England. Can you tell me what the situation is?”

So they write back: the Price sisters were responsible for explosions in England which killed five people and injured a hundred others in restaurants and other public areas. And they are incarcerated in an English prison because the crime

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