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about myself.

In any event, Paul O'Dwyer. I was quite active in supporting the Irish-Americans in their support for rights for the Catholics in Northern Ireland. I'm avoiding saying that I supported the IRA, because I never intended to support the IRA, although in fact I think probably my efforts were doing that. But that was not my intention, although it's a romantic operation at the time. They're bad people -- there's no question about it. They've killed and maimed innocent people. In any event, it was the thing to be for several years ago. Lester Wolff was elected in his new district -- I guess it was 1972 -- based on the Irish vote against an Irishman, a conservative Irishman in his new district based on his having taken the lead on the Fort Worth 7 -- I guess they were called -- or the Fort Worth 5 I guess is more accurate: Irish-Americans who had been picked up for gun running across Mexico's border with us and they wouldn't tell anything before the grand jury and they were held in Texas. And the big drive was: how unfair it was that they should be held for contempt of court in Texas away from their families. I got on that with a lot of other people. It wasn't really wrong, because there were unfair methods used by the government, and ultimately they were released. I think you could probably argue both sides of that, but I was quite active in that, and I have no regrets about that aspect of it. And I was honored with about seven or

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