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going to her house. Her house is somewhere on the east side of Manhattan, 15th Street, 16th Street, maybe off 6th AVenue someplace, and she was there and Doug Ireland was there and a number of other people, and they asked my various positions, and my position on the war was a very good position from their point of view. I opposed the Vietnam war. But my positions on other things were not so good. They were for ending NATO. They were opposed to support of Israel's request for arms. At that time the big issue with respect to Israel was jets to Israel, and the Communist line was opposed to it, and Bella Abzug was absolutely opposed to jets for Israel in 1968. She told me this. There's no question about that.


Now, she is Jewish, isn't she?


Oh, she's Jewish, and today she would lie about that position about jets for Israel, and her positions in the Congress would be more supportive of Israel on the table than mine, although you can't really be any more supportive than I am. But her language was even more aggressive than mine in this area, simply because she has to cover from the fact that 50% of the Jews in this country know that she's no good from their point of view on the subject of Israel, amongst others, and she's got to recover from that. That's her Achilles heel, and she

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