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Interview #13
Interviewee: Congressman Edward I. Koch
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
New York City
Jan. 6, 1976
(Jim Capalino also present)


First of all, was there anything more about Bella Abzug that you might like to add?


This goes back to the story that resulted from her having taken the pictures from Mrs. Meir and then having a press conference and the story then appeared in the New York Times in which she was criticized by Rosenthal. Again, I was not mentioned in that article, although she knew undoubtedly that the reporter had spoken to me. And about five o'clock that afternoon that she read the article, my staff in Washington said, “Mrs. Abzug is on the phone.” And I get on the phone, and, as I recall it, it started with a high pierced shrak that went something like this: “You're killing me!” (laughs) “You and Rosenthal!” And then it went on for -- I don't know -- five, six minutes uninterrupted of yelling on the phone. It was incredible. I held the phone about a foot away from my ear, and the thrust of it was: “You and Rosenthal, you hate your mothers and you're taking it out on me!” and went on in that vein. I told this to Rosenthal and then he said, “Wait till I tell my mother because my mother likes her. After this, my mother will not like her.” (laughs) And that's really the

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