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story. It went on -- it was just incredible. I kept saying, “Bella, you're going to hurt yourself. Now, Bella. It's bad for your health to be yelling this way. (laughs) I mean I was so calm -- it was incredible. That's really the heart of it.

(different voice):


Did you tell about the one where she comes charging over to you on the floor?


About Bess Myerson. Yes, that's my favorite one. Well, let's talk about other things and then maybe something will be triggered.


Let me ask just one other question, which I don't think was completely covered in the previous interview about Bella. How is it that she came up so fast within the reform movement when she was hardly on the scene until -- what? -- 1968? I believe that's when you said you first met her.


Yes. Terror tactics. When she runs for something, she frightens everybody out of the race. For example, let's take the Senate thing. It's her purpose to frighten people out, to push Bess Myerson out of the race in the way that she tried to threaten me for putting her name into the race. And then Bess told me that she believed Bella had inspired a number of callers

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