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go to work for her [this was during the summer], will you not hold it against me?” Because he wanted to work on my staff. I said, “It's okay; I don't mind.” He said, “You're sure? It doesn't sound right.”

Another member of the staff -- a wonderful member of my staff; unfortunately her husband is going to law school, and she had to move down to Georgia or some Southern state with him -- Ellen Miller is her name -- worked for Bella, and she came on my staff about two years ago. She said that Bella called her in after she had heard that she had joined my staff, and she said “You are betraying me!” So it's really funny to that extent. (addressing Jim Capalino) I just told him that you worked on Bella's staff.


By Capalino Did you tell him about Bella calling you very early one Friday morning about the hat?


I gave him that one. So there is an intense loyalty by a small number of people, and these people are activists. That's the Women's Strike for Peace; that's the hard-core group in the women's movement: someone like Bonnie Lubell, who is Arnie Weiss's wife. He's the chairman on the NDC -- a discredit to the NDC in my book. And she, Bonnie Lubell, is just one of these very militant activists who would never support anyone

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