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other than a woman. I mean there are those people. For example, the Women's Caucus -- they 11 only nominate or support candidacies of women. I mean how can there be anything more chauvinist than that? I mean if men did that, the women would go berserk, right? But they will not endorse anyone who is not a woman -- crazy.

I'll give you one other Bella story that I thought was very funny, and this was in the ERA, equal rights amendment campaign, which lost, as you know, in the state of New York. Much of that loss is attributable to Bella Abazug. It's one of the reasons why she may not run for the Senate -- allegedly, that is what her supporters are saying. “Look, ERA went down in New York by 400,000 votes, and Bella was the leading proponent of ERA.” I supported it, but Bella was the leading proponent.

Now, I'll tell you why in my judgment she is certainly partially responsible. I haven't done an analysis to tell you what the breakdown is, but she's partially responsible -- no question about it.

There was a press conference in front of the 42nd Street library. Everybody was invited, and of course Bella takes over and speaks and is the leading proponent. I remember it so well -- all the television, a lot of public officeholders. And Bella gets on and in her inimitable style -- tremendous, almost near hysteria -- she says, “And for those of you out there who worry about having to use the same bathroom” -- because that's

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