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The streets. I'm talking about the streets. I am not adverse to a bar situation, subject to some limitations. What I want to avoid is that an individual who's affronted by this, that that individual is subject to it without his or her consent. That's what I want to avoid. There are rights that go both ways. Somewhere there is a delicate balance that's got to be maintained. I haven't worked out all the details, because prostitution is not a federal/matter at the moment.


Related to this, as more explicit erotic literature has gone on public sale, have you taken any stand on it?


Yes. Let me tell you: I debate with Martin Abend and I enjoy it immensely. I started it in August of last year. It came about because one day his office calls up and says, “Can Congressman Koch come up and debate with me this evening?” And my office got in touch with me and I say, Sure.” I go up there and he says, “Gee, you are a brave man.” I say, “Why?” He said, “Well, we've been trying to get somebody all day to come up and debate with me who would take the position that the increases in Congressional salaries just awarded were justified. You're the only one willing to do that.” Well, of course, they hadn't told me the subject of the debate. But I said, “Of course,” because I happen to believe that they were justified,

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