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to be evil. That's just another side of onees nature -- so long as it isn't inflicted on anyone, and so long as it is not available to those that we consider to be underage. Then it should be made available in some decent circumstances as opposed to the way we have it now, where we make/people/feel like they're criminals if they do go and seek out pornography -- and also at the same time subject those who are offended by it to seeing it in those shop windows.


Do you believe that law can make a distinction between hard-core and soft-core pornography?


The court makes that/distinction .... I don't. I don't make any distinction. You know the difference, though. The difference is that hard-core pornography is explicit sexual acts, as I understand the legal definition: a display of explicit sexual acts.


You've covered now quite a few areas of civil rights. Is there any area we have not covered that comes to your mind now where you've been involved?


Well, let me maybe tangentially discuss something, and then maybe that will be the last thing for this morning.

You know, not very long ago, all of western Europe and the United States got into a furore about the fact that the Franco

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