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fascist government had executed five Basque terrorists who had killed Spanish cops in front of banks. I was called by someone who was putting together a list of people who were going to send a cablegram to Franco at that time urging that they not execute those people, and I signed it, and I have no regrets about signing it, although I happen to believe in the death penalty, which we can discuss on another occasion. I had no problem in signing it because these terrorists, based on the information that was provided by the New York Times (after all, we have no other Bible), had not been given a fair trial; they had been subjected to torture; they hadn't been permitted to have counsel -- a whole host of things which went into the nature of their conviction. And so I had no problem signing that cablegram. But I had a huge problem in accepting the storm against executing five terrorists who had killed five cops, when I know that the only reason western Europe went into this storm and called back its ambassadors and every newspaper was filled with a horrendous attack on Spain, was because it was Spain -- and we have a double standard. When the Soviet Union executes, nobody cares. And I'm reminded of it because just last week I again read in the New York Times that the Soviet Union has condemned -- I think it's ten -- Soviet citizens to death for economic crimes. They were involved in some factory exploitation where they stole goods and made a

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