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Congressional Record is a wonderful thing. It gives me an opportunity to say things. And people occasionally read them.


Incidentally, do you get reprints of your statements from the Congressional Record?


Sure, there are some out there. Not everything. I probably use the Congressional Record more than any other member of Congress. I guess that's it unless you have a question.


I was just going to suggest -- and maybe you want to postpone this, too -- but you have mentioned Attica, and this brings in the question of prisons and prisoners.


We'll do that on another occasion, but I am very much involved in prison reform. I'm a leading exponent of prison reform. I'll tell you a little story, and then we'll have to stop, but I don't want to forget the story.

I probably have been into more prisons as an observer than any member of Congress. I made it one of my matters of great interest. So I went into the West Side Federal Detention Center and I went into the Tombs and I went to the Queens County jail and to the D.C. jail and to Lorton, also to Brooklyn. So that's a lot. I don't think you'll find very many people

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