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of perfection that the Soviet Union and the communists have engaged in those countries where they have engaged in the taking over of a country. So it bothers me that we have a standard which fascist countries are held up to -- like Franco Spain -- and when they don't meet it, we call back ambassadors and we have newspaper editorials. And when the Soviet Union or communist countries engage in comparable oppression, we don't have those editorials and we don't have the ambassadors called back. Or when Third World countries -- and I'll take Iran as such an illustration, but others -- Africa (if there's one African country that's democratic, I don't know its name; maybe it is, but I don't know its name, and they all engage in oppression and they kill and they torture and they do all the things that fascist and communist countries do, and nobody says a word). Burundi and Ruanda killed hundreds of thousands of blacks, and they happen obviously to be black countries -- hundreds of thousands. Where was the world storm that should have taken place? Nothing, nothing. Were they even censured at the UN? The issue wasn't even raised. Again, I'm upset -- maybe obsessed -- with the fact that liberals simply have accepted different standards of conduct that they will accept based on whether it's fascist, communist or Third World. And I've denounced that in the Congressional Record time and time again. The

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