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Interview # 14
Interviewee: Congressman Edward I. Koch
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
New York City
Jan. 7, 1976


All right, Ed, you wanted to go into the Lindsay years today.


Well, first I should say that I just had a very long lunch, about an hour and a half or more, with Dan Wolff and Ed Fancher, who were respectively the editor and publisher of the old Village Voice, and we drank a lot of wine; so if I sound somewhat slurred in my speech, you'll forgive me.

I don't like Lindsay. Why I don't like him: I don't have a high regard for his intelligence, and I've had some unpleasant experiences with him; and with me, it's always the personal experiences that affect my judgment with respect to people. I am someone who believes that loyalties are a very prime ingredient in one's relationships. And he has no loyalty, and I'll tell you what I mean.

First by way of background: when the mayoralty in which Lindsay was involved first took place in 1965, and the Village Independent Democrats was not supportive of Béame, who was the Democratic candidate, and they held meetings and came out with what they called a no endorsement position, and they had invited and Lindsay had in fact attended the Village Independent Democrats

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