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endorsement meeting, which was rather unusual: to invite a Republican to seek endorsement of a regular official club, which is the club that we were, and of which I was the Democratic district leader with Carol Greitzer, who was also Democratic district leader. But the fact is I really wanted to endorse him. I did not know him at that time. I had met him peripherally, simply because I was district leader and he was running for Congress on several of these occasions -- in '62 and '64 -- and I liked him. I didn't really know anything about his record. Nobody knew anything about his record. The fact is: now that I'm a Congressman for seven years and hold the seat that he had, I can tell you; he had no record. And that I can tell you as a result of talking with other members of Congress. He did not make an impact on the members of Congress down there, and they did not have the highest regard for his ability.

If he did any one thing that was worthy of attention that I knew about and did support, it was that he defended the Supreme Court when it was under attack at one time -- and I can't even remember the issue that it was under attack for. It may have been on crime; it may have been on pornography. I can't even remember anymore. But he stood up on it, and that was to his credit. But in terms of legislation, he has no record of achievement in the Congress.

Now, I was then a practicing lawyer. My partner was Allen

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