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discussion under the picture of Fiorello LaGuardia, he takes me over to the desk area, where, as I recall it, it was what I call the Mussolini treatment -- a very big desk, he stands behind it, I'm sitting in front of it and he's towering over me. It's an attempt to intimidate you. And this is reinforced by what he does. He doesn't let me talk. He's talking about every non sequitor he can think of. And I realize what he wants to do is to use up my time so I can't get to what I want to ask him. So I stop him and I say, “Mr. Mayor, forgive me but I know that in a short time Harvey Rothenberg is going to come in and tell you you have another appointment. So let me tell you why I am here.” He says, “Why?” I say, “Mr. Mayor, Mike Seymour says that you're going to endorse him, and I'm here to find out if that's true.” Well, as I tell people, he blanches and he says, “Yes, I am. I am going to endorse him. He's a wonderful Republican, and I have an obligation to support good Republicans.” And I said, “Mr. Mayor, I did not expect that you would endorse me, but I certainly expected that you wouldn't endorse anybody who ran against me in view of what I did for you. And maybe you have forgotten about it.” And I take out a piece of literature, which I have used in my city council race, which had the banner headline of the Daily News, which I told you about, which says, “Johnson Humphrey Endorse Beame -- Dem Chief Koch Endorses Lindsay.” I take it and I throw it on the table, and I rise in wrath, and here he really turns white like

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