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to his Presidential candidacy, those two. It infuriated him. I think we have to stop.


Well, just a fast follow-up here; whom, if anyone, did you support in the mayoralty then in 1969?


That was interesting. In 1969 I kept quiet, and I would not take a position, and then one evening I came to the club, the Village Independent Democrats, and made reports on Congress, and then somebody said, “Who are you supporting for mayor?” and I said, “Don't ask me that. I'd rather not get involved in that.” And at that moment Paul Hoffman, from the New York Post, walked in -- he lives in the area. And I saw him and he sits down and then someone else says, “Listen, we think you should tell us who you're supporting for mayor.” And I said, “Please, don't press me.” And a third one says, “We think you have an obligation to tell us.” I said, “Listen, I have given you every chance. You press me, and now I'll tell you.” This was all reported in the New York Post. Paul Hoffman was taking it down/ I said, “I cannot support Procaccino because he's too dumb, and I cannot support Marchi, although he's the nicest guy in the race, but his position is too conservative.”


You're talking about the State Senator John Marchi?

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