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pollutants into the Hudson River, and this guy ultimately left that office, and Seymour went after him with, as I understand it, grievance committee procedures for his having leaked information as a member of the staff. And Seymour was beside himself, seeing his name attacked in the press under environment. And so he had a lunch with the New York Times, and he had a lunch with the Daily News to try to get them to call off their reporters who were then attacking him. Ultimately I think the changes before the grievance committee never really were finally pursued, and this guy is still a lawyer in some private law firm. In fact, was thinking of and may even in fact have run for Congress on the Democratic line upstate -- he has a home upstate. That's my Seymour story.


What was your margin of victory in that first race?


15,000. My recollection is that I had 85,000 and he had 70,000. That's my recollection. It was the Liberal party line that made the difference between winning and losing. That was the only time in my four elections to Congress that the Liberal party line made that difference. But I will never ever forget the Liberal party for making it possible for me to be a member of Congress. If they had not given me their endorsement, and it would have been perfectly sensible for them to consider giving an endorsement to a guy like Seymour, because he was

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