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considered to be the kind of WASP Republican good government that they could go with. They loved the opportunity of going with Roy Goodman, who's not exactly a WASP -- he happens to be Jewish -- but he's of that type, very wealthy, good government. It may even be that the Liberal party might consider endorsing Goodman for mayor when he runs.


Was there much dispute in the Liberal party to your knowledge as to whether they would endorse you or Seymour?


No, they had very early on endorsed me. I don't even think that they even considered endorsing anybody else, and it came out of the fact that Alex Rose thought highly of me because I had come out for Lindsay in ‘65. The Liberal party's support of me comes out of that. I must also tell you that I had a fall-out with Alex Rose subsequent to that, but we're back again as good friends -- I hope. He's a very important good friend. But it occurred on the Forest Hills situation. We had discussed Forest Hills, and people were very upset with me in the Liberal party, for example, because of Forest Hills; and I had lunch with Alex Rose. I have lunch with him once a year. The fact is I have a lunch scheduled with him I think next week. We had lunch, and he's a very able man -- we all know that -- and he said to me (and this, by the way, could have taken place when I was looking for the endorsement again in 1970). Obviously I want the Liberal party endorsement, and

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