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whatever it is. I don't happen to agree with that philosophy. But I've been voting for it, and it's become sort of like a litmus test operation. And I've decided that what I'm going to do is introduce legislation to create this commission which will have as its objective testimony to be taken on issues like what has been the effect on black children as a result of being deprived of racial balance, as the result of being included in racial balance in the school system; what has been the effect on white children who have been deprived of racial balance and who have been part of racial balance in the school system. And what has been the effect on the city at large or the area in terms of white flight or middle class exodus and whatever other technical but very substantive questions are involved in this whole area where we've never had hearings because the liberals have refused to have hearings at the Judiciary Committee level on the request for a Constitutional amendment. Don Edwards has said he will not have hearings, which I consider to be an absolute outrage. If the conservatives did that to the liberals on some issue, we would be yelling and screaming and burning down the place.

Anyway, now, in my statement, because I want to be very clear about it, I would say something along these lines: “I believe that we have to know what the facts are and controversy is very heated.” And then some rhetoric, which may sound corny at this moment but it would be phrased along these lines but

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