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better: “that while my heart tells me I should be for compulsory racial balance with the thought that it's helpful to the black children, my gut tells me that it ain't working and in fact is destroying the school system -- particularly the public school system -- and my intellect tells me we ought to know what the facts are, and to legislate based on the facts and not on emotion.” Now, that's really the heart of this thing.

Now, when I circulate this thing, there will obviously be people who say, “Oh, God, there it is -- racism.” But it ain't racism, and it's very clear that whether you are for bussing or against bussing, you ought to be for or against it based on facts and therefore you should want to know what the facts are. And therefore it would be reasonable to expect you to endorse that resolution, which I expect to circulate. I know that a lot of liberals won't do it because they're still afraid, and they will blame... For example, Jackson has come up with a resolution which isn't half as good as mine, because that is somewhat racist in a way. It says that no longer shall a single judge be able to integrate by way of bussing, but it must be a three-judge court, and that prior to ordering bussing, they must also decide as best they can what the impact upon the community will be in addition to the impact on the children. Basically what he's talking about is white flight, middle class exodus. So he's got the kernal of an idea, but mine is better.

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