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Before going on in the issues direction, since you've just mentioned all of your positions, could you schematically describe what your district was in each case with some footnote reference to any gerrymandering or changes? You've done this somewhat as the party district leader, but to bring it up through the Congress...


Okay. Originally in the district leadership, my area was everything south of 14th Street to Houston, from the Hudson River to 3rd Avenue. In a subsequent election they removed the West Village so that I had nothing west of 7th Avenue and they added the East Village in part, and they also brought the area down to Spring Street for the purpose of bringing in more of the Italian districts to help Carmine.

In the city council my district roughly was Houston all the way up to 40th Street running along 6th Avenue and then going up on the east side as far as maybe 90th Street, but only as far east as maybe 3rd Avenue. It was gerrymandered. I didn't have all the way over to the river in most of the area, although maybe down at 40th Street I went clear down to the East River. It represented about two-thirds of what ultimately became my Congressional district, maybe a little bit less than two-thirds. In fact, it's a lot less than two-thirds. It represented about 40% is my recollection. I'm not sure of the

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