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number of people, but in any event, that was roughly it. That's why I had such a leg up in running for Congress because much of the district ultimately that I represented in the council would be the same district that I would represent in the Congress, and these people all knew me.

So then the Congressional district the first time I ran again started about Houston Street and on the west side ran along 8th Avenue up to 73rd Street -- West 73rd Street and Central Park West. I think I went as far west as Columbus Avenue -- one block in, so to speak, in the park. On the east side it ran up to 98th Street and with some indentations it went over to the East River.

When they finally gerrymandered my district for re-election I think in ‘72 -- they removed everything on the west side north of 59th Street, and that's a very good area for me. That's Jewish and Democratic and they vote heavily, and there may be 20,000 people there. In order to compensate, they had to give me people on the lower east side, and also my district had to be made larger in terms of people. So the Republican idea was to give me more of the East Village and also the lower east side, which has a lot of Puerto-Ricans who don't vote. So they gave me 65,000 Puerto-Ricans, a substantial number of whom do not vote. The idea then is that a Republican has a better chance of winning against me. As opposed to having 20,000

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