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Well, I withdrew from the race, and then about three weeks later I take Al Blumenthal, and I go with him and I say, “Hi, everybody. I'm here with Al Blumenthal. I'm supporting him for mayor.” The very same people who said to me the things I've just told you two weeks before saying. “You're the one. You're our man. We're with you.” Pushing right by me. It was interesting and it makes you appreciate that you should not take at face value every statement made by an alleged supporter in a race.


Since we're on the subject of your mayoral effort or probe, why don't you elaborate a little on this? Why did you decide to run for mayor and what happened?


Well, I cannot tell you when I first decided I would run for mayor other than it undoubtedly was in 1972, not before that. It was in consultation with my chief counsel and administrative assistant at that time, Dave Brown, who is now chairman of the State Investigation Commission and in whom I have great confidence.

So I don't forget it, let me just go back and tell a little story about David Brown when I went to Congress and then we'll get to this mayoralty thing. I knew I was going to win. It was in October of 1968. Nobody else thought I would win the first time, and David was very important in that race. He actually helped raise money and provided a lot of support -- not with

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