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money himself but his intellectual abilities. He was always there to help prepare me for television debates and so forth, and he's really I would say of genius caliber, very steady, very good judgment. In October of 68 I knew I would win. I just knew it. I'd been in a lot of elections. I knew there was a difference in the way people were talking to me than in any other election I'd been in. I remember having this conversation at a Saturday morning at my house with David Brown. I said, “David, I am doing to win. I know it, and I would like to ask you now to go to Washington with me as my administrative assistant.” He was a young man then -- he was about 32. So seven years later, he's close to 40 now. He said after a long silence, “Well, of course, I want to think about it.” He was married. At that time his wife was pregnant, but nobody knew it. He said, “I have to tell you something. My wife is pregnant [they had no children before this] and that has a bearing on it. But most of all,” said he, “I've never been an administrative assistant before. Does it make any sense that I take that role for you? Wouldn't you be better off hiring someone down there who knows his way around?” And I said to him, “David, I've never been a Congressman before. You've never been an administrative assistant before. The two of us will go down there and we'll knock them on their ass.” And I must say that we did. He was the best administrative assistant, and I think I was at least

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