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ballot between himself and Ottinger.

So I go onto the Appropriations Committee, and it's a wonderful committee, and I do a lot of good work, and I'm on finally the transportation sub-committee. I'm on transportation. And just by sheer accident, because the chairman is Jack McFall, and then the two ranking members after him both have subcommittees of their own -- to wit, Sid Yates and Tom Steed -- and I'm the next one, and therefore, barring accidents that could occur and changes in the way they handle the system, because the Appropriations Committee has a system different than the others (to wit: that your seniority on the sub-committee determines whether you become the chairman, as opposed to your seniority on the full committee), and since these two chairmen are between me and the chairman of my committee, have their own sub-committees: the likelihood is that they would not take the sub-committee of transportation. And therefore, if Jack McFall goes on to some higher reward (and now I speak of going on to some higher position), leaving that sub-committee, I'd be next in line which is very nice. I don't plan on it, but it's very nice. And I like the sub-committee. It's a very good one. And the Appropriations sub-committees are very small. They have 13 members on them. That would be four Republicans and nine Democrats that includes 2 at officers members, Mahon & Coderberg And it just is a very nice sub-committee to be on. I'm also on the Foreign Operations

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