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Sub-Committee but there I'm one from the bottom, but I love that committee, too. But I really like my committee assignments, and I do a lot of work, and I think it happens to be good work.

Did I tell you the story about my being a character witness?


For the two convicted Congressmen? You mentioned it, but you haven't told the story.


Okay. The first one was Frank Brasco, and he and I became friends because we both served on the Banking and Currency Committee -- sat next to one another. And as I say, we became friends -- I don't want to say close friends, because that wouldn't be true. But we had a lot of good rapport.

He did something that was rather odd on the Banking and Currency Committee, which was the subject of newspaper articles, Namely, in October of 1972 when Watergate was just coming to the public attention but there wasn't any opportunities to subpoena any material that would get into the matter. We had not yet reached the impeachment stage. Obviously not, because the election was in '72. But Patman is really a wily old man -- a little senile but wily. He dreamt up -- or his staff did -- that we on Banking and Currency could get into Watergate because there had been some what was called washing of money in Mexico using American banks.

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