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as much time with your family as you should be spending. Of course that doesn't apply to me because I'm not married.


And you never have been married.


And I have not been.

So it is a very difficult life. On the other hand, it has its own rewards. I really like being a member of Congress. I enjoy the public life, not the movie star quality type life. I don't have that; that's not my nature; and people don't think of me as a movie star, nor should they. It's not the Lindsay type of operation. I enjoy helping. I enjoy working with people. I enjoy the give and take. I enjoy the arguments. I enjoy the debates. I enjoyed taking enemies and making them friends and occasionally making friends into enemies -- by being blunt. I don't enjoy that as much, but I don't mind it, because I believe that you should tell the truth within the framework of making it possible to work with people.

But I know a great number of members who are very unhappy with being Congressmen, but they would be unhappy in many of these cases doing anything, because people basically don't like working at whatever they're doing. I very rarely meet someone who likes their work. I get up in the morning: I am happy to go to work. I get up at 6:30. My father used to get up I think at 5:30, and it's genetic. I just can't sleep after 6:30, no matter how late I go to sleep. And I have a lot of life and a lot of zest and desire to come to the office and get out

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