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on the streets and talk to people. I'm going to have this crazy meeting with the JDL, and I'm going to tell them off. I don't know whether they're going to like it or not, but I'm going to tell them off. To me it's very satisfying.

It's interesting. I once took a test at NYU to determine what my profession should be. And they said, “You should be a rabbi, a salesman or a YMCA director.” And there's something to it. I mean those touch upon my character in a way. I think I have a high standard of morality, and there is some feeling of trying to... not from a rabbinical point of view but from a religious point of view. I don't happen to be religious, but I believe in God -- and I have a religious standard in my life, better than some, worse than others. Salesman? I'm a very good salesman. YMCA director? I'm a very good administrator. I mean that's the way I see the YMCA director. I don't know what else I can tell you.


I notice your apartment phone is listed.


Yes, it's always been listed.


You never felt the need or desire to go to unlist?


No, no. I have always felt -- and it's been in fact carried out in practice -- that if somebody needs me because they need help, and they can't get my name and number because

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