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of my supporters down there -- initially one of my enemies but became a very strong supporter -- and Dina Nolan, who still lives in the Village (she lives on Bleeker Street; my recollection is that it's 188 Bleeker Street); and those three people (Dina also happens to be of Italian extraction; her husband is Irish) became my major supporters in the south Village in the Italian community and they were responsible for my winning so overwhelmingly in the Italian community and maybe even winning the City Council race, because in that south Village area I won ten to one, and that was unbelievable and they were the ones who did it. They had opened up this store for me on MacDougall Street. I had formed with them the the MacDougall Area Association called Mana, and they were the ones who worked with me on that, and we became very close friends.

Now, getting back to Carmine, they -- these three people -- called me, undoubtedly Wally first, and said, “Carmine's mother has died,” and the wake was in one of the funeral parlors on Bleeker Street and I should go. I would not have gone, not because I wouldn't want to go, but it wouldn't have occurred to me to go to Carmine's mother's funeral. I did not know her. But Wally said, “No, you have to go because it would be a great mark of respect, and it's something that a district leader should do for his community, and Carmine is one of your constituents.” And so I said, “Fine.” I've been to several Italian funerals since that time. It's an interesting event. The place (I suppose it depends on the place of the person in the community)

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