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And of course that proved true. Rossetti wiped the floor with Begun.

Well, you want me to tell you about Norman Redlich?


Yes, let's go on to him.


Okay. That's a little bit more about Carmine, a little background.

I went to New York University law school. It was when I came out of the Army in 1946. I was very lucky to get into the law school. And there was at that time one of the teachers, Dean Niles. He subsequently became dean of the law school; at that time he was a teacher. He was always called Dean Niles -- I don't know why -- and I don't think “Dean” was his first name. He was an anti-Semite, and he was a very sophisticated man with a wonderful ability to tell stories. They weren't always the best stories. They were occasionally anti-Semitic. The best one in that vein which I never forgot, and it wasn't even a story it was a comment -- he said: “When I went to school” -- and he said this to 86 people; it was a very large class, my class, made up overwhelmingly of Jews because NYU was the one law school at that time that had no limitations on the number of Jews it would take in, and New York University was very much endowed by Jews and fund-raising was by Jews and so forth, so it was considered very Jewish-oriented. My recollection is that there were three blacks and a lot of Italians. It was really a New

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