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There were only two people that I can recall in the VID who were supporting Robert Kennedy. Stanley Geller was one and I was the other. And in fact, I was elected a delegate to the state convention and pledged to do whatever the VID wanted, and rather than vote against Kennedy, I did not vote and allowed an alternate to vote for Sam Stratton because we were pledged to the VID delegation. But I actively worked for his nomination, and when he became the nominee I worked my ass off as district leader to take him around and help him and so forth. Okay, but obviously he wouldn't remember that.

So he said, “Be sure to tell him that you were for him.”

So I go see Bob Kennedy on the appointed date at the UN Plaza. He had used the downstairs of this magnificent building as sort of his reception room. There were lovely overstuffed club chairs, and people would sit there waiting to go up to his apartment. My appointment's at ten; he's not there at ten. I sit there, and, you know, I never keep people waiting, and I hate to be kept waiting.

About a quarter to 11 in walks this rather thin-looking guy, young, blond I'd never met before. He's Carter Burden; I didn't know that. Carter was not exactly the nicest guy in those times, quite taken with himself, a close intimate of the Kennedys, you know. He came over and said rather imperiously that I should wait; he will get to me.

Well, at about 11 o'clock they call me. Others come after

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