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And the third is: many of these people, a higher percentage than in any other area of endeavor that I've participated in, with the exception of the Congress where I think they have the highest percentage of gifted people (not that I'm just saying nice things about people in Congress because I'm going to tell you a lot of things that are not so nice, but I happen to believe that you have percentage-wise the highest number of gifted people in any organization I have ever been a part of in Congress, but second to that would be the reform movement). You've got a lot of gifted people there, and they are all vying to get ahead, and that adds to the conspiratorial aspect of it, cutting off others who are competitive with them. And it's also the American way of life, you know, competition, which I happen to like. I think the conspiratorial aspect, for lack of use of a better word, isn't so good -- paranoia is what we're trying to explain: “everybody is against me and I've got to find a way to overcome the bad people” and that sort of thing. I think that dominates the reform movement.


Now, to go back, we've actually come up to your district leader victory, the first one. But just to set a little more frame, could you put your leadership posts, beginning with those in the VID itself, with the dates, all of them: when you were elected to each one and when you left each one?

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