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in Texas when Tower runs again.


He's a Republican?


He's a Democrat. He's a very good man. We disagree on oil but on a whole host of other issues he's very good. So that's the story of Forest Hills.

Now, I must say to you that I've taken so much crap on that issue from people. I remember when I was running for mayor going to see Mrs. Lehman at her home, the Senator's wife. We have a good relationship, but she's very formal. It's “Mr. Koch,” although it's changed now much for the better, but it was very formal at that time. But I went to see her. Her niece was supporting me for mayor, and she'd arranged the appointment, and she knew of me because the Senator had supported me for district leader against Carmine and I had conversations with her on the phone. But in any event, we talk and I'm there hoping to get her endorsement but not really expecting it. And at one point in the conversation she said, “Mr. Koch, I understand that you're opposed to low-income housing.” And I said, “Oh, Mrs. Lehman, that's not true.” And then I explained to her my position on Forest Hills. I don't think it made any dent, but what was funny was she said: “Oh, by the way, Mr. Koch, you've got to do something about the crime in this neighborhood. I can't walk down and walk to the corner.” And she was talking about

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