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with this near olympic sized pool, and you've invited me there, and I wish I owned one like that. On the day your kids were born you registered them in private schools. And you're telling me that the Jews of Forest Hills have to pay their dues. I'm telling you that they're willing to pay their dues. They are not willing to pay yours.”

That was the end of the conversation. He didn't talk to me for a year. We've since had a rapprochement and I don't think he would admit I was right, but I think in his heart he would admit I was right. And he has said to Dan Wolf that the only thing that wasn't accurate about my statement was that he didn't register his kids in private schools the day they were born. They ultimately went there, but it wasn't the day they were born that they were registered. When they went to school, they went directly to private schools. That was the only error in my statements to him.

That sort of sums it up. That's what I mean by limousine liberals -- Proccacino's words. “Exotic liberals” -- those are not my words. I'm using the words of Charlie Wilson from Texas who first mentioned that phrase to me. He said, “How are your exotics up there?” And he is a very sophisticated guy; he comes up here quite often. He's an oil man, and he talks to all the oil people in my district who give him money they'd never give to me, but they give him money. He's going to run for the Senate

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