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in people getting together of like minds or who have a similar goal -- in this case it would be blacks -- dedicated to more effective action than a group more disparate involving others who don't have that same emotional response doing whatever is necessary in a peaceful, nonviolent, lawful way, bringing attention to the issue. In a perfect world there would not be in the police department the Catholic police and the Jewish police and the black police. I don't think the Protestant white police have a separate society. But there's a Spanish police society. I don't find anything wrong with that, not at all.


Let me reach back again into your Assembly campaign. Were you bothered at all when you decided to run for the Assembly by the fact that the VID had endorsed Bill Passannante in the prior campaign?


I wasn't bothered by it as a political problem. But the answer was that we, said the VID, deserve better, and I thought I was better, and I know I'm better than Bill Passannante. It was a fascinating campaign. I was hurt beyond telling when the Citizens’ Union endorsed him. In retrospect, it certainly makes sense that they would. He wasn't a bad guy -- he had a good record -- except I just knew I was so much better. But all right, they endorsed him, and he put out a strip, a very narrow strip, one

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