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inch high and maybe about 12 inches long, which said: “Citizens” Union prefers Passannante to Koch.” That's okay, that's his right. But then he took that strip and he put it across my poster and particularly across my eyes -- I say “he”; I mean his campaign workers did. Those posters at that time cost a quarter apiece and maybe 10 or 15 cents to put up, very much expensive, each poster. And here I walk around the Village and there are my posters, which cost so much money and we don't have much money, and they're all being defaced. There is this Citizens' Union sticker across my eyes, just ruining the poster: “Citizens' Union prefers Passannante to Koch.”

So we got a sticker, which was like the kind of ribbon that you get for first prize. It was made like a ribbon but a sticker. We put it on his poster, and it said: “DeSapio's choice.” (laughs) He was ripping mad, and Pete Caneveri, who was being groomed to become DeSapio's successor -- he was made a clerk in the courts; he's nothing today politically, and we destroyed his political future. But I think he likes me -- most of those DeSapio people like me these days because I'm a hard worker and they know that. They disagree with me politically, but they like me. On substantive grounds they might disagree with me politically, but in the community area they know I'm a good guy. So I remember on a day or two before election/ Caneveri saying, “You are defacing our posters,” on behalf of Passannante, “and if you don't stop putting those ‘DeSapio's Choice’ stickers on our posters, we're going to put one on yours that says ‘Moscow's choice.’” (Laughs) Which indicated we were getting to them. But Passannante won

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